About Search Engine Positioning & Optimization

Having a web presence is only the beginning. If people can't find your web site, what good is it?

Search engine positioning and optimization can be frustrating. Most of us don't want to take the time to learn how a search engine determines web site rank in the search results.

Did you know?
The HTML <title> tag should reflect the content of each page. It is also the text link you click on in search results.

While there is an abundance of information out there about how to rank high with the top search engines; you may not realize how much work and patience is required just to get your site indexed properly with a search engine.

Ok, so now my site is indexed with the search engines, I still can't find my web site in the search results. The truth is, even if your web site was found with the words a user typed in the search engine, your site may not be listed for several pages. It's not easy to appear on the first page if there are thousands of competitors listed with similar keywords

So how do I rank higher in search results you ask? This process takes time and work, there is no guarantee that you will reach the top of any search result but with the right help from professionals, your web sites visibility could increase dramatically.

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