Web Site Development and Design

We are not just another template design company. Although we use standard concepts in design, we believe that web design should accurately reflect the business to which the site was designed. After all, your web site is your Internet store front. No business or person are exactly alike and this applies to a web site as well.

Many web development companies charge high prices for a web site that is already built. They simply go type in the content for your company and give you a web site thats been done many times already, this is a template web site. While this technique may work for some customers it is not always the best or most cost effective solution.

Did you know?
Many first time web sites are re-designed or completely re-written in the first year due to poor design.

Building a web site is a big decision and you want your first site to reach your audience and give them the right message. Templates are a fast way to make a web site but a template is limited in content and visuals that are unique to your business or personality. Our capable staff is available to speak with you and help you decide what kind of web site is needed.

We use HTML, CSS, JAVA, JSP, and PHP along with MYSQL databases for most development. Not just web design, our development process takes search engine ranking and optimization into consideration. This is important for most business web sites since search engine traffic can increase your potential customer base.

Allow us the opportunity to analyze your web needs and provide a no obligation bid to design your next web site.

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