About Web Statistics

Web Site Statistics are important. Statistics help us learn valuable information about our web sites such as what pages are viewed the most, the key words a user found your website with, and many more helpful things. Web statistics are provided at no additional cost with our basic web hosting package. Statistics can be accessed any time.

  • Monthly Statistics - Monthly statistics report includes:
    • Total Hits
    • Total Files
    • Total Pages
    • Pages per Day
    • Hits per Hour
    • Total Visits
    • Total KBytes
    • Total Unique Sites
    • Visits per Day
    • Hits per Day
    • Total Unique URLs
    • Total Unique Referrers
    • Total Unique User Agents
    • KBytes per Day
    • Files per Day

  • Daily Usage - This report breaks down usage of your web site for each day of the month in a bar graph.
  • Hourly Usage - The hourly usage shows the busiest time of day for your web site.
  • Top URLs - This report gives you a list of pages accessed most frequently.
  • Total Sites - Lists the host name where a visitor has found your site.
  • Total Referrers - Ever wonder where people are finding your site? This report will list the top referrers.
  • Total Search Strings - This report will show the search term a user typed into the search engine in order to arrive at your web site.
  • Total Countries - Learn what countries are visiting your web site.
This is a partial list of the features offered for our statistics service.
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